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Desalination removes salt and other minerals from seawater and brackish water, water that has a high salinity than freshwater.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is the process where saltwater is pushed through a membrane that only allows water molecules to pass through blocking any salts and other minerals.

(RO) is the most common desalination method used, with NuWater’s pioneering 16” RO technology fast becoming the technology of choice for seawater and brackish water treatment plants around the world.

NuWater’s patented 16” RO technology continues to set new performance benchmarks for desalination plants from 2 million to 50 million litres per day.

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Water on Planet

70 %

Salt Water

97 %

Fresh Water

1 %

Global Desalination

1 %

Thirsty? How about a cool, refreshing glass of seawater? Humans need fresh water to survive, and with a planet composed of 70% water, this should not be hard to achieve, right? But 97% of our planet’s water is salt water, and only 1% is freshwater. With the increase in population and drought conditions experienced in many areas of the world—especially in South Africa, water supply is running short.


A proven technology that brings many benefits

While there are many desalination methods, the only process that ticks all the boxes in terms of catering for large volumes, environmental impact and cost are Reverse-Osmosis. A proven technology, reverse-osmosis is a process that removes extra sodium from the water. In simplistic terms, seawater or brackish water, containing dissolved salt molecules, is forced through a semipermeable membrane (a filter), in which the larger salt molecules are unable to get through the membrane holes. 

Today, desalination only contributes about 1% of global drinking water, with the Arab Emirates, Israel and Kuwait treating up to 90% of its water. As parts of the world descend into a new era of heat and dryness, desalination will look like a mighty tempting solution. Besides producing water at the level of millions of gallons each day for human consumption, agriculture and industrial needs—desalination brings many additional benefits.

Desalination—A Viable, Cost-Effective Solution to South Africa’s Water Scarcity Woes

22 Oct 2019 News

Desalination—A Viable, Cost-Effective Solution...

Multiple industries can benefit from desalination side-products

The salt removed from water during the desalination process is highly concentrated and dangerous—but industries can use it in several unique ways. While sodium products are usable as de-icing agents, brine is effective at keeping ice off transportation networks, and further side-products can be useful for dust levels, fracking activities, and the production of salt stone.


NuWater has evolved from a dynamic new startup challenging the status quo, to an industry leader and pioneer of smart water treatment solutions. Solutions that are sustainable, mobile, adaptable, resourceful and transformational.

Solutions that are changing lives, communities, businesses, ecosystems and environments for the better. Solutions that turn previously unusable water sources into valuable resources for our growing portfolio of clients.

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